4 Tips for Protecting your Finances Online on Cyber Monday

28 Nov

By:  Lorillia Brown-Phillips, The Money Mentor, Your Black World

Cyber Monday has been called the most profitable online shopping day for retailers since 2005.    Online retailers have been rallying to get Black Friday shoppers to continue their shopping frenzy until Monday, with hopes that this year will be even more profitable.  But consumers who are planning to shop on Cyber Monday, to score big on sales for the holidays.  Here are 4 tips to consider when shopping on Cyber Monday.

1.    Protect your Identity – When using a wireless WI-FI connection it’s important that your connection is secure.  Only use your home WI-FI connections, do not use public hotspots to do your online shopping.  Although online retailer’s sites maybe secure, it’s still possible that your online identity can be stolen when using debit and credit cards.

2.    Look for Bargains – Search for the best deals when shopping online.  Try websites for example http://www.cybermonday2011.com or http://www.dealscybermonday.org  There you can do price comparison to make a decision on what and where to shop.

3.    Create a List – Don’t just shop online without proper planning; create your list and budget.  Creating a list and budget will eliminate overspending.

4.    Free Shipping – Focus and concentrate on retailers who are offering free shipping and free returns.  Look for online retailers who don’t have spending limits in order for you to take part in the free shipping and free return offers.  Go to http://www.freeshipping.org, to find retailers who offer the best free shipping offers.

About the Author:

Lorillia Brown-Phillips is a Financial Advisor and Author of “Jump Start Your Credit: How to Negotiate and Settled Your Debts in 10 Steps”, she can be reached at admin@brownassocllc.com or www.brownassocllc.com


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  1. Jim November 28, 2011 at 4:43 am #

    Great tips, will being going to cybermonday2011.com next.
    Have a great day


  1. 4 Tips for Protecting your Finances Online on Cyber Monday – Brown & Associates, LLC - November 28, 2011

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