The Money Mentor: Look Out For Ridiculous Travel Fees

14 Nov

By:  Lorillia Brown-Phillips, Your Black World, The Money Mentor

In the upcoming weeks many consumers will embark on the busiest travel season of the year.  These same individuals are looking to find ways to save on travel expenses.  Unfortunately planning ahead in advance will not prevent consumers from incurring fees that some companies are imposing.  Here are three ridiculous travel fees that consumers should be aware of this holiday travel season.

  • $5.00 Boarding Pass Fee – Spirit Airlines known as the budget airline for consumers looking to save on airline prices, has incorporated a $5.00 boarding pass fee for customers who have their boarding pass printed at the airport.  The $5.00 boarding pass fee which started on November 1, 2011, allows customers who want to avoid the fee to print their boarding pass from online or the kiosk at the airport.   According to the Spirit Airline press release this new option is a savings feature for customers, but the savings is only $5.00 dollars, each way on non-stop flights.
  • $18.00 Gift Ticket Fee – Greyhound Bus Lines has added an $18.00 gift ticket surcharge fee for credit card holders who purchase a ticket for another person.  It has been reported that this new surcharge counteracts fees incurred by the company for credit card fraud and serves as a handling fee for providing the ticket to the recipient.  In some instances, this surcharge fee doubles the cost of the bus ticket, for some destinations.  A Greyhound express bus from New York to Boston is only $16.00 dollars imagine adding another $18.00 gift ticket surcharge fee.  There are consumer advocate online groups that are petitioning this surcharge fee, and many feel that lower income individuals who are unable to travel by airplane will not be able to take advantage of the low bus fares.
  • $14.95 Internet Access Fee – Many upscale chain hotels, for example Four Seasons, Hilton and Marriott are charging hotel guest for in room WI-FI computer access.  WI-FI computer access should be a free hotel amenity for your hotel stay, but the brand chains previously mention only provide this amenity to their lower scale chains.  According to a travel industry analyst for Forrester Research, “the hotels charge for internet because the customers continue to pay for it.”  There are ways to avoid the internet access fee, hotels encourage their frequent guest to enroll in the hotel’s Loyalty program to receive perks and skip the extra charges.  The loyalty program would eliminate the nickel and dime approach hotels impose on their guests, but it would not help that one time traveler.

About the Author:

Lorillia Brown-Phillips is a Financial Advisor and Author of “Jump Start Your Credit: How to Negotiate and Settled Your Debts in 10 Steps”, she can be reached at or


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  1. Shawn Ambrose November 14, 2011 at 2:44 am #

    If you believe the Greyhound Gift Ticket Fee is wrong – take a few moments and sign the petition at:


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